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Auto Inspections in Oakdale, PA

You spend a lot of time in your vehicle running errands or driving to and from work and school. It's easy to get caught up in your day-to-day routine, and by the time you realize that there's something wrong with your car, it may cost you a bundle. At Hankey Farms Auto Service, our full-service mechanics offer maintenance for a variety of issues before they get out of hand. No matter what is wrong with your vehicle, we have the experience and cutting-edge technology to provide a timely diagnosis and repair work schedule. Trust our team for comprehensive auto inspections in Oakdale, PA.

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Protect Your Investment with Regular Car Inspections

Purchasing a vehicle is one of the largest investments that you will make in your lifetime. Taking advantage of routine car inspections from our knowledgeable mechanics helps prolong the life of your vehicle and protects your investment. For over 50 years, our highly trained mechanics have provided car owners with a wide range of services to ensure they get the most out of their vehicles. Our team is equipped to perform a variety of auto inspections to diagnose and remedy any of the following issues:


Exhaust and Muffler Repair
Radiator Repair
Shocks and Suspension Repair
Detecting an issue early before it has time to do damage to your system helps prevent larger defects and removes the need for supplemental auto repair. Regular inspections also improve passenger and motorist safety, extend the life of your vehicle, and increase your savings in the long term.

Determine If Your Car Meets State Vehicle Inspections

Many states require drivers to undergo regular car inspections to ensure your vehicle meets safety and emissions requirements. These requirements differ from state to state, but are all determined in response to public safety and environmental concerns. These inspections help ensure that vehicles driven on public roads produce safe levels of emissions.

As part of our commitment to motorist safety, we offer state vehicle inspections according to Pennsylvania regulations. Our knowledgeable staff is equipped to perform comprehensive emissions testing on your vehicle. If any part of your vehicle falls outside of state-approved guidelines, we advise you to have that part repaired or replaced to avoid facing legal consequences. Make our safety and emissions inspections part of your maintenance regimen and maintain your car's condition year-round.

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  Contact our specialists for more information about our comprehensive inspections. We proudly serve car and truck owners in Oakdale, Robinson Township, Moon Township, McKees Rocks, and Imperial, Pennsylvania.
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